A Different kind of
Dental Office

At Smile Pathway, your comfort and care are our top priorities. We have developed a platform to ensure a seamless patient experience for your dental journey.

App Features

• Smart signup helps you to log in to your preferred dental offices those have been onboarded with Smile Pathway platform.   if you have multiple accounts with multiple onboarded practices. The App will let you choose one of them to load the related information

• Smart Dashboard helps you to take care of the urgent notifications

• Smile plan shows you the latest appointments and offer you to choose the appointment time. You can also request for a tailored   time for yourself. Practices will be notified and they can coordinate with you to set it up

• All your historical treatment you can follow within a single comprehensive UI/UX

• Smile estimator shows you the estimated cost for each of your appointment based on your insurance and practice fee schedule.   So that you are well prepared for the upcoming expenses.

• It helps to remind you about the appointment coming next.

• Invoices can easily be paid using your cards directly online without any hassle.

• Chat feature lets you chat with your preferred practices on various topics related to your dental journey

• And many more advance features