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Dental Experience

At Smile Pathway , your comfort and care are our top priorities. We have developed a platform to ensure a seamless patient experience for your dental journey.


Smile Pathway Experience

Dr. Rai and his team of talented staff provide all patients with unsurpassed personalized service. We provide gentle, patient-oriented dental care to adults and children with an emphasis on comprehensive and preventive dentistry.

To complete your Smile Pathway Experience, each of our dental centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We invite you to call and schedule your next appointment to come have a unique dental experience – the Smile Pathway Experience.

Smile Pathway Flossophy

At Smile Pathway, your Smile is our passion!

Smiles are not only contagious, but they are always in style. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and now you can have the exceptional smile that you deserve. We believe in empowering each and every one of our patients to take charge of their smile. Dr. Rai and his team will help you navigate your dental health to help promote overall whole-body wellness. At the heart of our treatment philosophy is the notion of comprehensive personalized

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Practice Features

Smile Practice onboarding helps practices to onboard with the system in simple and easy steps.

Smile Patient information syncing utility helps the practice to enjoy seamless experience between their existing PMS software and smilepathway.

Smile verify helps to verify the patient's health care coverages automatically. It is powerful enough to understand various formats of healthcare responses and prepare the summary report for coverages.

Smile Estimator harnesses the information gathered by smile verify to prepare the smart estimation for patient and practice. This takes insurance coverages and practice fee schedule into the consideration while preparing the estimation for each appointment.

Smile Plan is an intelligent module which helps to prepare an automatic treatment plan based on the various learning it has learned from past treatment plans. The dentist can review the prepared plan and make the amendments.

Smile Amendments kicks in as soon as there is a change in the existing treatment plan to readjust the schedules and appointments. Therefore you need not worry about data validation between your PMS and smilepathway. it keeps the data fresh all the time

Smile connect is a combination of reminders, notification and chat between practice and patient. Which facilitates a communication bridge between them. Smart reminders, push notifications and one to one encrypted chat helps them to avoid any confusions or misalignments for the seamless dental experience.

Smile Appointer is the smart modules which bridge the gap of scheduling an appointment between practice scheduled and patient schedule. A patient can utilise the app to get smart dates suggestions OR request a different appointment from the practices. Smilepathway system is intelligent enough to remind the practice if there are any time limitation for the patient based on their dental health status

Smile Credit can be used to create on-demand invoices which can easily be paid by the patient using smilepathway patient app online.

App Features

Smart signup helps you to log in to your preferred dental offices those have been onboarded with Smile Pathway platform. if you have multiple accounts with multiple onboarded practices. The App will let you choose one of them to load the related information

Smart Dashboard helps you to take care of the urgent notifications

Smile plan shows you the latest appointments and offer you to choose the appointment time. You can also request for a tailored time for yourself. Practices will be notified and they can coordinate with you to set it up

Our Dentists

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

General & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Vaibhav Rai

General & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Mina Sawires

General & Cosmetic Dentist


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